AS199518 is a research/education network with a bent towards giving back managed by Gregory Shapiro. We currently sponsor or contribute to RIPE Atlas, GlobalPing, NLNOG RING, Measuring Broadband America/ SamKnows, and We also send BGP feeds to, NLNOG, and the University of Oregon RouteViews Project. If you are aware of other projects, please reach out.

RIPE aut-numAS199518 PeeringDB
RIPE organisationORG-GA1094-RIPE Looking Glass
Geofeed (CSV)

Points of Presence:
dib 🇺🇸 Spokane, WA, US 2606:a8c0:3:18d::a
irken 🇺🇸 Fremont, CA, US 2001:470:1:b96::2 FCIX, FREMIX
meef 🇺🇸 Ashburn, VA, US 2602:f9af::11:1 NVIX
membrane 🇨🇭 Zürich, CH FogIXP, 4IXP, BGP.Exchange
mimi 🇺🇸 Rocklin, CA, US (dynamic) BGP.Exchange
pesto 🇺🇸 Kansas City, MO, US 2602:f96d:53::a F4IX, BGP.Exchange, HNIX
poot 🇨🇦 Ottawa, ON, CA 2602:fcd3:2:1b::a AccurIX
sizz-lor 🇺🇸 San Jose, CA, US 2602:fa67:100:15::a
tenn 🇨🇦 Toronto, ON, CA 2602:fba1:d00::125:1 ONIX
theen 🇺🇸 Kansas City, MO, US 2001:550:9601::b GPC-Missouri
tim 🇳🇴 Oslo, NO 2001:67c:2ff8:69::34

Internet Exchanges:
AccurIX Direct 2001:504:132::18
F4IX MCI Direct 2602:fa3d:f4:1::aa
FCIX Direct 2001:504:91::156
FogIXPDirect 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9518:1
FREMIXDirect149.112.29.22 2001:504:125:e0::22
GPC Missouri Direct 2001:7f8:2:1::3:b5e
NVIX Direct 2001:504:125:e2::21
ONIX Direct 2001:504:125:e1::59
BGP.Exchange ZürichDirect100.66.97.40 2a0e:8f01:1000:25::128
4IXP/4B42 Tunnel 2001:7f8:d0::3:b5e:1
BGP.Exchange Kansas Tunnel 2a0e:8f01:1000:32::118
BGP.Exchange Santa ClaraTunnel100.67.65.9 2a0e:8f01:1000:81::109
HNIXTunnel 2a0f:85c1:363:1:19:9518:0:1

Peering Policy


Postal AddressPO Box 1536
Loomis, CA 95650-1536
United States

Last modified: Monday, June 10, 2024